Current and Recent Projects

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The Afghan Solution (working title)


The first film of its kind, THE AFGHAN SOLUTION, is the story of a people left behind by their newly minted government. Examining the history behind the current conflict in Afghanistan, it exposes the results of broken commitments and ever changing military strategies. It is a powerful and informative warning about the dangers of imposing a centralized authority on a complex and multi-ethnic nation. This film is a wake-up call: Afghanistan can either move toward a true democracy or once again fall into the clutches of the cruelest tyranny in its history – the Taliban and al Qaeda.

Told from the streets of Kabul, the mountains of the northern tribal regions, and halls of Congress, THE AFGHAN SOLUTION is the only film to investigate the conflict by talking to the people who have lived it. It is a story told by Afghan politicians, citizens, warlords, and tribal leaders, as well as American Special Forces, NATO's ISAF brass, UN Mediators, and NGO personnel. This candid account of a fragile nation building experiment is essential viewing for everyone - from students and scholars to policy makers, veterans, and American voters.

Planet Wine


PLANET WINE is a made-for-television program that is a weekly venture into the world of wine, travel, culture and the ultimate epicurean experience. Breaking the mold of the boring, stuffy and pretentious wine programs of the past, PLANET WINE is an unprecedented platform for the wine enthusiast of all ages. From vineyards and auctions to celebrity cellars and kitchens of the culinary world's finest, PLANET WINE travels the world in search of the essential wine hang. Whether the viewers are taken on a walk through a French vineyard with expert Burgundian vinters, visit California cult winemakers, or spend a day at the Sonoma Wine Spa with celebrity guest hosts, PLANET WINE, showcases wine and the wine lifestyle in an innovative and compelling format. By debunking the intimidating myths of wine and delivering informative and entertaining content in an intelligent and easy to understand manner, PLANET WINE is wine as it matters to everyone.

Kids Cook TV


KIDS COOK TV is a 30-minute weekly interactive cooking show appealing to children ages four to twelve and their parents. KIDS COOK TV teaches life lessons, cooperation, self-esteem and culinary skills in a fun atmosphere. Emphasizing the FUN in cooking, KIDS COOK TV also educates kids in nutrition, safety, teamwork, cooperation and creativity.

KIDS COOK TV features entertaining and informative segments with celebrities, children's book authors, popular kid's show characters, and child guest hosts of diverse origins, ability levels and physical challenges. The show travels on location to fascinating destinations that children love, such as farms, candy manufacturing plants, fishing boats, theme parks, sets of other popular children's shows and the like to bring an overall appreciation of the connection between food and the world around us.

KIDS COOK TV is the show parents are glad their kids are watching.

Fake or Fortune


FAKE OR FORTUNE is a weekly half-hour, hybrid-styled game show that personifies America's obsession with on-line auction bidding, shop-at-home programming and reality TV. Hosted by resident and real-life auctioneer, the game's creator, Scott Trepel, and guest starring two 'Celebrity Vetters' , FAKE OR FORTUNE, gives four contestants the chance to win big in the ultimate test of discriminating taste and intuitive shopping.